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SCORE Mentor Insights on Biggest Challenges Going into 2023

Meet Dominic (Nick) Mandel, a mentor with SCORE, Santa Fe Chapter. Here’s his expert insight on issues facing the industry next year:


What are the biggest challenges facing small businesses in the construction and design industries going into 2023?


“The following challenges are being faced by construction industries and small businesses in general;

  • Technology and its adoption and use within architecture, engineering and construction and employees,
  • Stable, secure, and quality employment as employees have more options for full, part, and contract employment,
  • Skilled labor shortages and the need to use virtual technology and other innovations for employee training
  • Hybrid work models for administrative personnel and how to adjust and ensure performance for staff working no longer working full-time office.”


SCORE, Senior Core of Reserved Executives is a volunteer national non-profit organization supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Our Santa Fe chapter offers free services from small business owners, former corporate executives, and other volunteers interested in providing support through mentoring, educational workshops, and other entrepreneurial services for both start-up and seasoned small business owners.

Three are three chapters in New Mexico, including Albuquerque and El Paso, and Southern New Mexico.

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