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NCAIC Advisor on Learning About Tribal & Federal Procurement Opportunities

Meet Adolfo Vasquez, Federal Procurement Technical Advisor for The National Center For American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIEC) . Adolfo gives his expert insight on finding available tribal and federal procurement opportunities:


How do I learn more about available tribal and other federal procurement opportunities for my business?


Federal procurement requires a business to be FEDERALLY “Registered, Reliable and Responsible”. PTAC’s assist small business with these requirements to become “Contract Ready and eligible” to apply for procurement opportunities.

About The National Center For American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIEC)

The NCAIEC helps small businesses with:

  • Determine Suitability for Contracting with Government Agencies
  • Find opportunities through on-line bid matching
  • Assist with required registrations and certifications
  • Match IEE/ISBEE’s with purchasing & decision makers
  • Sponsor and participate in outreach & networking events
  • Educate IEE/ISBEE’s on procurement programs specific to them
  • Work with SBA resource partners to get ISBEE “QUALIFIED”
  • Assist buying & program offices with MARKET RESEARCH to find qualified SB’s when requested
  • Sponsor & participate in outreach & networking events
  • Maintain listing of “VETTED” IEE/ISBEE Tribal businesses
  • Work directly with buyers & program officials of Government (Federal, State, Local, & Tribal) and Industry to identify IEE/ISBEE sources for specific requirements

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