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DBE Certification – Business Benefits

Did you know that NMDOT must meet a DBE utilization goal set by the FHWA? Every year, The FHWA and NMDOT leadership review prior performance and expectations for the future in terms of the percent of NMDOT federally funded work completed by DBEs. The objective is to ensure there are skilled, ready to perform DBEs throughout the state to work directly with NMDOT or with Primes on NMDOT projects.

Here are a few of the many benefits of being a certified New Mexico DBE:

  • Be a preferred partner for
    • NMDOT federally funded projects
    • Primes seeking DBE subs
    • Other state and local agencies seeking DBE participation on projects
    • Private enterprise seeking diversity and inclusion on their projects
  • Join and be a leader on the NMDOT STAR DBE Leadership Forum
  • Be ready for work in other states with active DBE goals by having your New Mexico DBE certification makes achieving certification in other states easier through interstate certification processes
  • Advance notification for NMDOT STAR events and workshops
  • Access DBE only NMDOT STAR activities
  • Use DBE “badge” for your website and materials
  • Discounts or unique benefits at NMDOT STAR events
  • Opportunities in future NMDOT STAR digital programs
  • Inclusion in searchable public database enabling Primes and other agencies to find DBEs for projects
  • NMDOT Compliance experts ready to help you understand and navigate the various requirements when doing business with NMDOT

Whether you are already a DBE, ready to pursue certification or just have questions, we are here to help.

Where can I find more information?
This NMDOT STAR website: or contact NMDOT directly at

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