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2024 DBE Rule Updates

2024 DBE Program Rule Updates

Key revisions to DBE and ACDBE programs are effective May 9, 2024.  Online STAR Town Hall Join us to discuss these updates and ask questions at 10:00am (NM time) on June 26 with NMDOT representatives and Lawrence Moquino, Federal Highway Administration Program and Management Analyst (Civil Rights). Click Here to Register Here’s what you need to […]
Knowledge Drop - 2023 Update to DBE/ACDBE Size Standards

2023 Update to DBE/ACDBE Size Standards

The Federal Government has increased the limits and adjusted the ceiling for DBE size, which could mean some larger businesses might now qualify for DBE status. The other possible implication of this change is that your growing business can continue to qualify to be a DBE. These changes were made to account for growth of […]
Speed Networking - Making the most of 10-15 minutes

Speed Networking – Getting the most out of 10-15 minutes

Old-fashioned Face-to-Face networking (even virtually) is still a valuable and often under-appreciated art form. Are you ready to get the most out of a 10-15 minute opportunity? Here are a few suggestions: Before you meet When you meet After you meet Speed type networking does not have to be intimidating when you have a plan. […]
Knowledge Drop - DBE Certification Business Benefits from NMDOT STAR

DBE Certification – Business Benefits

Did you know that NMDOT must meet a DBE utilization goal set by the FHWA? Every year, The FHWA and NMDOT leadership review prior performance and expectations for the future in terms of the percent of NMDOT federally funded work completed by DBEs. The objective is to ensure there are skilled, ready to perform DBEs […]
NMDOT STAR Knowledge Drop - How to Achieve DBE Certification

How to Achieve DBE Certification

Should You Apply? You may be eligible to participate in the DBE program if: How To Apply? First time applicants for DBE certification must complete and submit a certification application and related material to the NMDOT and participate in an on-site interview conducted by the agency. The U.S. DOT document checklist found at may […]
NMDOT STAR Ask an Expert Adolfo Vasquez - NCAIEC

NCAIC Advisor on Learning About Tribal & Federal Procurement Opportunities

Meet Adolfo Vasquez, Federal Procurement Technical Advisor for The National Center For American Indian Enterprise Development (NCAIEC) . Adolfo gives his expert insight on finding available tribal and federal procurement opportunities: Question: How do I learn more about available tribal and other federal procurement opportunities for my business? Answer: Federal procurement requires a business to […]
NMDOT STAR Ask an Expert Gabriela Marques - MBDA

Finding Available Government Opportunities from MBDA Director

Meet Gabriela Marques, Minority Business Development Agency Business Center Director in New Mexico. Gabriela gives her expert insight on finding available government opportunities: Question: How do I learn more about available government opportunities for my business? Answer: We can help you find government opportunities through bid-matching software Teaming Pro and Neoserra. We also organize spotlight […]
NMDOT STAR Ask an Expert Dominic Mandel - SCORE

SCORE Mentor Insights on Biggest Challenges Going into 2023

Meet Dominic (Nick) Mandel, a mentor with SCORE, Santa Fe Chapter. Here’s his expert insight on issues facing the industry next year: Question: What are the biggest challenges facing small businesses in the construction and design industries going into 2023? Answer: “The following challenges are being faced by construction industries and small businesses in general; […]

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